Humans of Brighton – Meet Kara

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On our hunt for this week’s Human of Brighton we met Kara, who was visiting Brighton to get her fix of the amazing Vegan eateries our city has to offer.


Hi Kara! Where are you visiting Brighton from?



Tell us about your visit to Brighton so far?

It’s been lovely – we’re here for our anniversary, and we’ve been having a look at what Brighton has to offer in terms of Vegan foods.


And where’s been your favourite place so far?

We had Vegan burgers at the Bok Shop which were good, and we love Beezlebab at the Hope and Ruin. Silo was our highlight though.

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How does Brighton’s food scene compare to Bournemouth’s?

There’s a lot more here than back home, but we’re Vegan chefs and we actually came to do bit of research, so we’ve got lots to take back with us!


So where are working as chefs in Bournemouth?

We’re just about to open our own Vegan kitchen! We’ll be doing all sorts, cooking classes, workshops, it’s very exciting. So we wanted to see more of Brighton’s Vegan food scene ahead of that.


So – if Brighton wins on the food scene, where does Bournemouth excel?

The beach, without a doubt. Bournemouth has the best beach!

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