Humans of Brighton – Pierangela the traveler

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We met Pierangela at the beach with her boyfriend and had a quick chat.

Hi Pierangela, could you tell us a little bit about you? I’m 28 years old and I have lived in Brighton for more than one year. I’m originally from Italy, Sardina, but at the moment I’m working here as a barista in Cafe Nero. I left my island 5 years ago and moved to London to start a new life, learn english and find a job.

Why did you come here? Well, after 3 years and a half living in London I needed to change something in my life, and one of the first things was exactly this, find a town where I could have a better life, have a social life (which by the way is really hard to have in London) and here I found everything that I was looking for.

What were your first impressions of Brighton? The first time in Brighton I can say I found the Pier scary. I didn’t know anything about this city, everything was new, but it gave me a good impression. I came here in July, the sun was shining, and everything was amazing!

What is the one thing you’d recommend for people in Brighton to do if they get the chance? I recommend to everyone (wherever you are in England!), to come at least one day here to visit this beautiful town and enjoy a night out! Or, if you can, why not stay here for a couple of months?

Every time the same question comes out: Brighton or London? Definitely Brighton! London is a beautiful city with a lot of opportunities to everyone, but is a little bit difficult to live there. I had a good experience in London but after 3 years I realised it was time to move to try something new! England is all beautiful.

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