Is Posh Spice Launching Her Own Beauty Range?


Victoria Beckham, former Spice Girl, current WAG and high end fashion designer, has announced that a beauty line is on her list ‘to go into at some point’. In an interview with The Telegraph, the fashion icon has previously collaborated with Nails Inc, who have also collaborated with Alexa Chung, but this will be the first time she’ll be launching her own brand. Though there is no further plans, the news has caused a frenzy among beauty and Victoria Beckham fans alike. She regularly shares her favourite beauty products with her eight million Instagram followers and those who follow her have already started speculating about what the make-up collection could entail, with many noting her signature smokey eye and nude lipstick could feature.

Victoria often her latest beauty buys on Instagram. Image Instagram/Victoria Beckham

This is great news for a number of reasons. Firstly, who doesn’t want to look like Victoria Beckham? With a potential beauty line in the works it means that we can make ourselves look just like the designer. Secondly, designer beauty ranges tend to fall around the £30 mark, a much lower price than her clothing range which starts at £490. This gives those of us who don’t have a money tree growing in their garden a chance to own something by Victoria Beckham. Judging by her success into the world of high-end fashion, we can be sure that if she does venture into the world of beauty, her cosmetic range will be one of the very best. This also won’t be the first time a high-end designer has ventured into cosmetics. Victoria Beckham will be joining the likes of Tom Ford, Christian Dior, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana who have all released their own cosmetic range.

We might have a while to wait, but when it does happen, there is no doubt in my mind that the products will be flying off the shelves.

Holly Martin

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