LISTEN: Original And Snazzy New Song “Nothing Really Matters Anyway”

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This composition is the excellent result of the combination of carefully and passionately recorded vocals, drums, bass, guitar, piano, organ, vibraslap and EGG (which I have been informed are like shakers) created by the very talented Marc Hepburn.

Marc lives and breathes his music, brought up with a classical guitarist as a Dad, he was always encouraged in his music and started playing piano when he was 5 years old. Since then, Marc has developed a thriving passion and talent for many different instruments.

“I studied drums at BIMM – that was my main love for a while! But I got bored of it in the 2nd year and dropped out.”

Marc has been a drummer in the band ‘Iron Boot Scrapers’ for 3 years now. During that time, they’ve recorded and released one album and have just finished writing their second. The band have done masses of gigs around the country, weddings, parties, all sorts! They also gave the streets of Brighton quite the performance just the other night (which I had the pleasure of whitnessing)! Utter entertainment!

“This album of my own I’ve been doing on and off for quite a while – the last couple of years I’ve been writing little bits here and there.”

Let the magic continueeee…!

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