Lonely Label Launches Spring Collection

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2016 is shaping up to be the year the fashion industry finally gets its act together. With the likes of American Eagle featuring plus size models, Beth Ditto launching her own fashion line and now lingerie brand have launched their Spring ’16 collection and it’s just as empowering as the lines mentioned above.

Lonely Label is a lingerie brand based in New Zealand that has never been interested in launching conventional lingerie campaigns. Artist, musician and photographer Arvida Bustrӧm and writer and psychology and literature student Palmer Elsesser are the muses modelling the new campaign and for a wonderful reason. Helene Morris, co-founder of Lonely Label said the two were fitting campaign material because they’re “both strong, self-determining women. Paloma and Arivida are such perfect role models for women today, as well as being totally inspiring people with what they do, and the energy they possess is really powerful.”

Lonely Label launched in 2009 when “no other lingerie labels were really resonating with us through their imagery or designs, we wanted to challenge the lack of diversity, over-sexualise imagery, and overly photoshopped world of lingerie”. This lead to The Lonely Girl Project, which debuted last year, featuring “amazing women we know, or that are photographers know in their own way” and contained images of women in places they are comfortable, in their favourite Lonely items. The campaign celebrated the brand’s expansion into larger sizing, going from ten sizes to 23. Morris told Refinery29 “Diversity is an important value we champion at Lonely, and size diversity has been a goal of Lonely from the start. Stylish designs that don’t compromise on support, fit, or comfort are ver limited from other [brands], and we are very proud to be able to continue to offer our designs across more and more sizes as we grow”. The new look book shows the models in all their un-photoshopped beauty and it is completely imperfect. The best thing about this campaign? They ship to the UK. You can find the entire collection on their website.




Holly Martin


all images belong to Lonely Label

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