StartUp Disruptors are both an online and offline start-up business
support community that delivers service like no other. A community that bases itself on an established family mentality,StartUp Disruptors views the world of business support differently.
They specialise in providing services to marginalised communities to succeed – such as people with ASD/ADD, dyslexia, women and minorities. They also concentrate on the balance of mental health and wellbeing of each member.
With the aim to break the mould of a 9-5 job, they’re proud of
their easily accessible ‘one stop shop’ offer to support people in their endeavours to start a home-based business, with a like-minded peer to peer community on Facebook to support their journey. Their mission is to be honest, sustainable and transparent in all that they do – a mission backed by supporters Uber, Funding Circle, Transmit Startups and Mind.
StartUp Disruptors offer three packages, all tailored to different levels of business support:
• Get Started Package – For those that are in the pre-start-up or very early stage of their business; or if
your business is more of a hobby than a full-time ‘gig’ for just £19.99 a month.
• Escape the ‘9 to 5’ Programme – This package is a more personalised online package for those wanting
help with serious structure and business planning over a 12-week intensive period.
• ‘Advertise Me’ Programme – This package offers you the chance to get your personal branding, marketing, and advertising positioning correct from day one.
StartUp Disruptors was founded by Becky Lodge, who has an international sales spanning 30 years. After starting up her digital marketing company Little Kanga Ltd in 2015, she created StartUp Disruptors in 2016 after being horrified to find that lots of small business owners were being ‘ripped off’ by unscrupulous suppliers. The business itself was formed by Becky and 9 others in a pub, who met monthly to discuss business issues and problems until it grew to the point where it has well over 2,500 community members online. Becky aims to help 10,000 people to start a business from home in the next 5 years.
Driven by her desire to help others build their dreams and empires, she takes passion in her ongoing drive to create greater work/life balance for her members so they can protect their mental health. One of Sky News’ 100 Women in 2017, Becky is international advocate of gender parity for women in business and has mentored over 3000 start-up owners in her community to succeed and follow their business dreams. She is also a Venture
Capital start-up mentor working with London and Dubai based incubators in the tech sector.StartUp Disruptors is available to make comments on the following topics: How COVID has affected women and company business, supporting small businesses and mental health effects when building business. Becky is also available to comment on startup funding and being a woman in technology.


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