“My Brightly Coloured Life” – Artist Of The Week Faye Bridgwater

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This week’s Brighton artist is Faye Bridgwater, the organiser of ‘MY BRIGHTLY COLOURED LIFE’ an art exhibition that opens today at the Fishing Quarter Gallery on the seafront. Faye will be exhibiting her work along with four other artists.

A visit to the gallery could be that perfect addition to a weekend stroll on the seafront. In the meantime we are Brighton Journal have had the opportunity to get to know Faye, the creator of these colorful paintings a little better.

What took you to Brighton?  The sea, family, community, the shops, The Downs – and it is only an hour (sometimes) from London.

Where did you learn your art? Ridge Street Art School in Watford, then Sheffield Hallam University  where I attended the Sculpture Creative Visionary program.

Painting by Faye Bridgwater


What is a typical day like in your life? School drop off, then studio time in between domestic chores, then school pick up.

What is the best part of the day for you? That first coffee of the day.

What do you do when you’re not creating? Beachcombing, gigs, photography, box sets, dragging the children around museums and historical sites, rummaging in charity shops and flea markets, and spending way too much time on social media!

What is the best summer vacation you can imagine? A road trip in the USA visiting the national parks. I love those big skies.

Best way to spend a weekend?  Brunch out, a walk, a swim in the sea, a barbecue on the beach with friends and dancing.

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Do you have a favorite artist? Just one! Gosh, that’s very hard. At the moment has to be Grayson Perry.

What are you reading at the moment? I‘m dyslexic so I rarely read books. I like to keep up to date with current affairs so I read the news and the radio is always on in the studio.

Favourite TV show? Blimey I think I have seen every box set ever!  Black Mirror is the one that stays with me and plays on my mind the next day.  I saw The League of Gentleman at the Brighton Centre this week. I had forgotten how very funny it is.

Painting by Faye Bridgwater


What’s your favourite place to go to on a night out in Brighton? Dinner at Bincho Yakatori, then I like some drinks on the beach, to watch the sunset, have a quick ride on the ghost train and then a go to a gig at Concorde 2.

Where is the best coffee/tea? I love the Starfish & Coffee and Egg and Spoon cafes.

Most embarrassing moment you’ve experienced? I was having a wee on a train and my son opened the door. The train carriage was full of chaps in suits. Very embarrassing indeed!

Best moment you’ve experienced? The best is yet to come!

What is the one thing you will never do again or never do for the rest of your life? Ironing. Totally pointless.

What is the one thing you dream of doing in your life? I would absolutely love to have my own art gallery on the seafront with a studio. I love meeting and chatting to people and that‘s the thing I miss when I‘m in the studio.

A sketch Faye did in a workshop.


What is your go to sin that makes everything better? My phone.

What inspires your art? I had an idea about 2 years ago for a Facebook group called Brighton Skies.  We now have over 5000 members and it‘s the most inspiring and supportive group of people. Amazing photos posted every day from across the city. People share their joy at looking up!

Where can people buy your art? Contact me though my Facebook page or Instagram or even better come to my exhibition at The Fishing Quarter Gallery!

Anything happening at the moment you’d like to tell us about? I have just organised an exhibition of exciting, bright and vibrant works by Brighton Artists starting this weekend and called MY BRIGHTLY COLOURED LIFE. The other artists are Moyra Scott, Suzi Lowe, Suzie Poyntz and it will also feature jewellery by Pinki Jones. It’s on from 14th to the 21st September at The Fishing Quarter Gallery on Brighton Seafront next to the Fishing Museum.

What Brighton artist do you nominate to answer our questions next week? It‘s got to be Ben Nazarko.  His photography is breathtaking.  We met through Brighton Skies and I had an exhibition with him early in the year in The Jubilee Library.

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