Pink Season – 2 Weeks of Creative Queer Events – Opens Tonight With Exhibition of Photography and Film

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Pop-Up Brighton’s new community gallery space next to the i360 is hosting a variety of creative events to represent our contemporary queer culture.

“Our focus is always creating free opportunities for upcoming artists in Brighton so we have programmed 2 weeks to represent LGBTQ+ artists”.

Organisers have put together 2 exhibitions from a free call for submissions. Week 1 showcased fine art and illustrative works seeing 10 artists fill the gallery with textile work, 3D, etching on mirrors, paintings etc.

Week 2 is a photography and video exhibition, with opening night on Friday 24th 7-9pm, and running till Tuesday 28th.

Events within Pink Season:

Unmasc: A night of a variety of performance.
Annabelszki will host the night with her original & unruly humour about contemporary queer life / Cher Nobyl post nuclear priestess from Berlin / Paul Diello MUSIC will be performing his award winning songs / Over Their are a non-binary poetry duo.

Brighton Film Club will be showing short queer films from around the world. Local filmmakers have submitted their short horror films for free and we have seeked out films from around the world. Creating a curated playlist of the top 15 short queer films.

Speaking ahead of the event Ashleigh Ward from Pop-Up Brighton says “Being a queer person in Brighton, I find there is a lack of visual art to represent the current queer culture, so I decided to put on 2 week festival of queer creative events. The first week saw an exhibition of fine art and illustration, one of the best shows we’ve had, a really high quality of art. With no brief the queer artists got to exhibit works that they have never exhibited before as they weren’t pigeon holed into making ‘queer art’. The events we have within Pink Season I’m very excited about Brighton Film Club always delivering the best in short films and Unmasc is our first ever variety / cabaret type show, it just made sense to do one after looking at the submissions and as these people submitted and after watching their videos I could see it was incredible talent that needed a platform. We’ve also got a shop selling work from Trans Pride and CockandSaucer so you can grab some great handmade gifts. ”

Pink Season

24th – 28th November – Exhibiton of photography and film

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25th November – Unmasc

26th November – Professional Break Up Artist

28th November – Brighton Film Club – Queer


“Last November we celebrated 5 years of Pop-Up Brighton and reached over 50 shows helping over 2000 artists for free. These shows have been all shapes and sizes helping all kinds of creatives. From shows like ‘FRAMED’ cover windows in art to make an art trail to bigger shows in Brighton Dome like ‘Bring Your Own Beamer’ which helps video artists. To longer projects like ‘It Is What It Is’ using a shop in the North Laine area for a year, every week the shop changed to host a different project meaning that 52 projects happened in this space helping 219 artists. The biggest project to date was in Circus Street (abandoned warehouse) where we put on 3 day festival exhibiting 100 artists with 30 performances and 1000 people turned up on the opening night.

We take over space and come up with innovative ways to make it into exciting opportunities for the local artistic community to be involved.”

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