Proposal for New Seafront Cycle Lane

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Brighton and Hove City council have announced a new proposal to create a new cycle lane along the A259.

The lane will be protected, with widened pavements and better disabled access all part of the new look street.

The path is expected to lead along Kingsway from Fourth Avenue and up to Hove Lagoon in Wharf Road.

Brighton and Hove City Council are now launching a consultation process to accompany these plans which will also oversee the different ways that walking, accessibility and cycling can be improved along this identified stretch of the road.

This work will also allow for more loading bay access and easier crossing provisions for the users of wheeled equipment such as wheelchairs and children’s pushchairs.

Currently, the idea has community backing due to the inaccessibility of the four-lane dual carriageway as a crossing facility due to its excessive noise, constant pollution and overly difficult design to effectively cross safely.

The completion of the work will see the reduction In the amount of motor vehicles, with increased space for both walking and cycling that makes the road and the surrounding areas more community friendly and inviting to walk by.

Sessions for these consultation plans will be held at King Alfred Leisure Centre from 10am to 4pm on December 4th and December 7th from 12pm to 7pm .

Funding for the project is provided by the governments Active Travel Fund, which is allocated as an initiative to help councils increase walking and cycling provisions, therefore reducing car dependency on the roads.

Photo Credit: Denise Jans

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