“Reinventing Materials Otherwise Destined For The Rubbish Heap” – Jewellery Designer Izzie

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Izzie is an artist based in Brighton, who creates intricate jewellery and designs from materials that were once considered waste. “I moved to this inspiring city 4 years ago to study a Masters in Sustainable Design and haven’t looked back since. Brighton has a brilliant network of creatives, is a fantastic place to learn new skills and you just can’t beat that fresh sea air!”

Butterfly and hawk moth pendants from reclaimed copper and brass.

How would you describe your business?

“At university, I learnt metalwork and began experimenting with sheets of metal I picked up from the scrapyard as well as quality materials from old clothes and shoes. I was determined to create beautiful designs with a story, reinventing materials that were otherwise destined for the rubbish heap. It’s easy to throw things away without thinking, but most of our stuff just ends up clogging up land somewhere else. There are so many decent materials out-of-use but in circulation, so it’s madness that design companies rely on new materials being dug up the whole time.”

12 golden leaves necklace from reclaimed brass.

How did you build your business?

“After finishing my MA in 2014, I was awarded an enterprise growth grant to set up a jewellery workshop and two years on I’m still getting very excited about creating. It’s been a turbulent year both politically and personally but I’m feeling hopeful for 2017. I had to put my jewellery business on hold for a few months, following two electric shocks and a broken wrist but now I’m feeling well again, it’s only heightened my desire to work with my hands.”

Leaf necklace from reclaimed copper and leather.

What are your influences and who are your inspirations?

“I get inspired by wildlife, especially creatures that are underrepresented in the design world, such as moths and spiders. I’ve got quite a rustic style and have never conformed to set methods of making. I’d say I was a perfectionist but I don’t standardise my designs, so each piece is quite unique. I’m always trying to improve all aspects of my designs, so for example, my packing is now recycled too. Many of my female ancestors are incredibly talented artists which is certainly a big influence in my life.”

Where would you like to see yourself taking your business?

“Ultimately I’d like to be a full time artist and branch my business out to other realms of repurposing such as clothing and furniture.”

“In the meantime I’ve got plans to develop a recycled silver collection and be part of the artist open houses in May. Although my social media pages have been fairly dormant recently, you can expect a lot more activity from my studio at the start of the new year.”

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You can find Izzie’s fabulous creations here:

Etsy: IzzieRoffeSilvester Shop
Facebook: Izzie Roffe-Silvester Jewellery and Design
Instagram: @izziers

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