Shadow Of Vandalism Over Saltdean Lido Last Night!

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As the Saltdean Lido Community Interest Company reported this morning, teenagers broke into the site last night to go for a swim before smashing one of the glasses outside the pool area. Three youths from Saltdean and Peacehaven are currently being detained by Sussex Police.

According to the reports, the suspects used flintstones to break the toughened glass surrounding the newly refurbished pool area. The discovery of the smashed glass was a bitter experience this morning after a successful day for the pool yesterday with hundreds of visitors. The damage which has been caused is estimated to reach up to £1,225.

Photo via Saltdean Lido Comunity Interest Company Facebook.
Photo via Saltdean Lido Comunity Interest Company Facebook.

The interest group which runs the Saltdean Lido responded to the incident on Facebook saying: “This is incredibly sad for the volunteers and all of our supporters who have spent the last 7 years bringing the pool back from the brink so that generations of young people can experience what it is like to swim in a historic pool.”

They further made use of the opportunity to warn other young people in the area not to follow their bad example, threatening strict penalties on those found on the premises after opening hours.

But not only will there be severe consequences for trespassers, but any further thoughtless behaviour or criminal incidents “could bring the whole project into jeopardy”, as was said in the Facebook post. Despite the incident, the pool will be open today.

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