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Brighton Journal | 27th May 2020

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#SaltdeanLido Archives - Brighton Journal

What’s on in Brighton? 8th – 10th June

7th June 2018 |

Summer is well and truly underway, and of course Brighton has another jam packed weekend ahead of it. Expect something for everyone, from retro games at The Hare and Hounds, to an 80’s night at Saltdean Lido!

Saltdean Lido … Read More

Saltdean Lido Still Needs Your Help

3rd May 2018 |

Saltdean Lido is in desperate need of Brighton people’s help: they’re falling short of their £100,000 pledge target. Whilst the pool itself has been successfully restored, the surrounding buildings are still looking for a little love to bring them back … Read More

Shadow Of Vandalism Over Saltdean Lido Last Night!

10th July 2017 |

As the Saltdean Lido Community Interest Company reported this morning, teenagers broke into the site last night to go for a swim before smashing one of the glasses outside the pool area. Three youths from Saltdean and Peacehaven are currently being … Read More

Seven Years Later… The First Dip At Saltdean Lido!

19th June 2017 |

The weather couldn’t have been any better for the Saltdean Lido‘s big re-opening this weekend! Thousands headed to the newly renovated pool to be among the first to go for a dip after what seems like an eternal seven year … Read More

Angry Emojis And Disappointment After Lido Ticket Launch Flop!

1st June 2017 |

At 9 am this morning, the tickets for the Saltdean Lido’s big taster weekend on the 17th and 18th of June should have gone on sale. However, avid swimmers and Lido fans had to face another big disappointment when the … Read More

Five More Weeks To Go ! Saltdean Lido Opening Delayed!

11th May 2017 |

Sad news for all the swimmers and sun lovers among you. You will have to wait another five weeks before you can finally go and have a dip in the newly renovated Saltdean Lido. Yesterday, the project directors announced that Saltdean’s outdoor … Read More

Roughly Three Weeks Till Its Reopening – Saltdean Lido is looking great!

9th May 2017 |

Important Update From May 11: Lido opening is delayed to Saturday, June 17.

8:15 am this morning, the Saltdean Lido construction site is already quite busy. Despite the building materials, tools and machinery that are still around the place, the Lido … Read More