Some amazing pictures of last night’s Super Snow moon over Brighton

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The super snow moon arrived on Tuesday, and both amateurs and professional photographers were quick to capture this fascinating event.

This was the biggest and brightest super snow moon of the year. This phenomenon takes place when the moon is closest to the sun, making it appear bigger than usual.

Here are some of the best shots we have found online!

Featured Image ©Jodie Mitchell

© Karmen Grizon-rendall

Karmen took a great close-up of the moon, showing all its details

©Rose Jones

Rose took a stunning picture of the moon, moments before it disappears, in Hove

©Daniel York

A very bright moonrise photographed by Daniel

©James Ward

A great view of the super moon from Devil’s Dyke

©Ergin Ahmet

Another great close-up photograph from Ergin

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