Survey Reveals Brighton as Most Instagram-Obsessed City in the UK

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A recent survey has identified Brighton as the city with the highest Instagram obsession in the country. The research indicates that residents of Brighton conducted the most searches for this social media platform over the past year. Research conducted by PlayOJO at

Contrarily, wider research unveiled that the area was among the least social media-obsessed in the UK, with notably lower rates of social media searches per capita.

Within the UK, Brighton ranked in the bottom 15 cities surveyed for social media searches, showcasing a relatively moderate level of social media engagement compared to other cities.

Approximately 99,000 searches for social media platforms were made per 100,000 people in Brighton. This places Brighton as a city with a noteworthy interest in social media usage within the broader national context.

PlayOJO, the organization behind the study, commented on the findings, stating that social media has become an integral part of daily life, enabling people to communicate and socialize globally with ease. The study offers insights into which cities across the UK are most invested in these platforms, with Norwich leading the list, surpassing even some of the nation’s largest cities.



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