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Brighton Journal | 25th May 2020

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A new era for cyclists as government funding plans announced 

18th May 2020 |

There was some good news for cyclists recently, as the government and local authorities, including Brighton and Hove City Council, announced plans to invest heavily in infrastructure for cycling and walking. 

Written by Laura Ferguson 

The announcement was made by … Read More

New Cycling & Walking Infrastructure in Brighton & Hove!

18th September 2019 |

Brighton and Hove City Council announced on Twitter earlier today their plan to introduce new routes for cyclists as part of the new sustainable travel movement. The aim is to encourage people to find alternatives to car use or public … Read More

Where The Devil Left His Mark! A Trip To Stunning Devil’s Dyke!

17th July 2017 |

As soon as you step out of the car park, the stunning panorama of lush rolling hills and patchy yellow and green fields unfolds in front of you. Situated just a few miles North of Brighton, Devil’s Dyke definitely is … Read More

A Fresh Breeze, The Smell Of The Sea And Nothing But Your Own Thoughts!

8th June 2017 |

You have probably walked past them a hundred times but never really paid attention to it! At different spots along Brighton’s seafront, there are brightly colored signs indicating the itinerary for the Brighton & Hove Seafront Healthwalk. Four miles long, this nice … Read More

Activities For Brightonians Going Solo

30th May 2017 |

Brighton is a busy place, full of activities for families, students, couples and more! Don’t let that deter you from venturing out to explore beautiful Brighton solo though. With the city getting busier and busier as the Summer goes on, … Read More

Heads Up! Brighton Seafront Section Closed Until Further Notice

21st March 2017 |

Part of the seafront’s pedestrian and cycle path has been sealed off until further notice, following concerns over ground conditions.

Cyclists and pedestrians will have to find alternate crossings while the area at the bottom of West Street is closed.

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How To Live Consciously in Brighton: A Revival Collective Guide

24th January 2017 |

Guest Post by Hermione Berendt, writer for The Revival Collective 

Brighton is a widely renowned haven for those who want to live an alternative, conscious lifestyle. With Caroline Lucas ruling over the inhabitants of Brighton and Hove, we live in … Read More