‘The Big Interview’ with Liv Cornall

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This week for ‘The Big Interview’ the Brighton Journal spoke to Liv Cornall who has recently brought her award-winning furniture design studio to Brighton.

Liv has previously worked all over the world in various designs studios including, Italy, Sommerset and London. Now, Liv has settled in Brighton where she’s ready to start work on her nature-inspired furniture.

The Brighton Journal sat down to talk with Liv about what inspires her and what the future holds for Liv Cornall Design.

What made you want to open your studio in Brighton?

I had started my business 2/3 years ago. Then I moved to Brighton to be around a creative and ambitious community to help grow my business. I have had my own workshop but am now sharing a larger workshop so I’m not on my own too much.

What made you want to create furniture?

I’ve always been creative and loved to make things. I decided to create furniture and never went back after I visited my brother’s architecture degree show and saw the furniture design projects which I found really exciting. I chose resistant materials for GCSE, although I was the only girl in the class, and even then my first coffee table was teardrop-shaped.

Why is nature such a big inspiration to your work?

My work is inspired by nature because it is so vast, varied and beautiful. We all have a connection and feel different when we are out in nature. When I’m by the sea or sitting up a tree I feel calm and while watching the details around me, images in my mind form into objects.

Do you make everything yourself?

I do make everything myself. I enjoy making anything but wood is particularly fun to work with as it’s so versatile and natural. Being a one-person business I do it all including manufacture, photography and website, but I love doing lots of different things so I’m never bored!

What are you most proud of creating?

The thing I’m most proud of is usually what I’ve most recently made! I have a short attention span so love making new designs.

What do you think the future holds for you and your studio?

I’m a designer at heart. So the plan is as I grow my business to start getting other craftspeople to make my designs, while I keep making new and increasingly exciting designs, in all sorts of materials and complexities. I have many exciting designs waiting to be ready to be made as I can’t make them myself; great centrepiece features for large spaces as well as furniture and home accessories for the home, all with nature at the heart.


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Find Liv’s studio at Trafalgar House, Warehouse 9, Artex Ave, Newhaven BN9 9DD.

Feature Image: Liv Cornall © Facebook

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