The Nail Trend That’s Taken Korea by Storm


We at Bjournal love a quirky trend, and this one is definitely the best we’ve seen so far, if not the most impractical. Those little fluffy pompoms have been everywhere, from phone cases to purses recently but now they are appearing in a completely different place…on your nails. Though nail art has been around for a while in the US, this pompom trend hails from the beauty capital, Korea.

Though they’re probably not that practical, they are super cute and pretty easy to do. All you have to do is dab a tiny bit of nail glue on to the top of your nail and press the teeny tiny pompom on top. You can buy the pompoms from pretty much any fabric shop. This isn’t the weirdest nail trend we’ve come across in recent months, with fur nails trying so hard to become a thing, but ultimately failing. If you can work out how to rock the pompom nails for more than one toilet trip, then we will be ver impressed. They probably aren’t for everyone, especially not for us, but we love looking at them anyway.


Holly Martin


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