The Sixth Cheeky Guide to Brighton

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If you want to treat yourself to anything for getting halfway through the first working week of the year, then I urge you to buy the sixth edition of the wonderful Cheeky Guide to Brighton. For those who are unaware as to what The Cheeky Guide to Brighton is, allow me to explain. The Cheeky Guides are described as the “UK’s most outrageous guidebook” and not only cover pubs, shops and local events but also the eccentricities the town possesses that aren’t covered in your everyday guidebooks.

To give you an idea of the sort of thing you would find in The Cheeky Guide to Brighton, this sixth edition not only covers the tourist attractions, the incredible night life and hotels but also comes with a build-it-yourself cardboard model of the i360 observation tower as well as a celebrity spotting point-scoring system. For example, Zoella is a 9, but Nick Cave is a whopping 37. There is also advice on how to spot them, as well as featuring grumpy shopkeepers, ‘moustachioed cads and artists’. The book also has hundreds of photos and illustrations by local artists and doesn’t shy away from the parts of Brighton we would like to ignore, such as the Marina and West Street.

The shopping guide includes many Brightonian favourites such as Kemptown Bookshop and Dave’s Comics as well as including some of the newer additions to our wonderful Brighton. Excitingly, Bramwell will be at Bookish in Brighton in January along with fellow Brighton lover and legend Julie Burchill, giving readers the chance to pick their brains about their infinite Brighton wisdom, and to find out the logic behind that celebrity point system. Now if you will excuse me, I’m off to build my own i360. You can buy the book online right here and find out more about the evening with Bramwell and Julie Burchill here.


Holly Martin


featureimage: Nick Ford photography

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