The Sussex Teen Tipped to Be The Next Dr Who


Benedict Cumberbatch, Hayley Atwell, Robert Carlyle, Tilda Swinton and Richard Ayoade have one thing in common: they’re all rumoured to be replacing Peter Capaldi when he steps down as Dr Who.

But an unlikely new competitor for the iconic sci-fi role has emerged in the shape of 17-year-old Frank Milham (pictured centre above). The sixth-former from Crawley is being given a 33/1 chance to fill Capaldi’s boots when he hands over the keys to the TARDIS after three years.

Frank entered the Paddy Power runnings after a member of staff at the betting shop spotted the young actor at a recent production of Dickens’ Oliver! His performance as the artful dodger stunned bookie Paul Binfield, who said: “The lad has talent – that much is clear. He stole the show.

“I was sitting in the audience and a couple of people independently asked me if we offered any odds on an acting career.

“I had no option but to contact our traders to price him up.

“He may still be a little young to be the next Doctor but you would not be at all surprised if he could carry it off.

“There is no question he has a bright future.”

Frank as the Artful Dodger

Since then, lots of customers at Paddy Power have been requesting Frank and putting their money on him becoming the next time lord.

Frank, who loves Doctor Who, said his favourite doctor to date has been David Tennant. “To say it is a bit of a shock that Paddy Power has me alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Carlyle in the betting would be a massive understatement,” he explained.

He said he has a long way to go before getting on the same level as Capaldi, Tennant, Smith and Eccleston, but he’s been invited back for a second audition for a place at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He will finish studying for his A-levels at Hazelwick Comprehensive in Crawley this year.

Frank said: “Hazelwick has a fantastic drama programme, the teachers are amazing and there have been several former pupils who have gone on to forge a career in theatre.

“But it is very early days for me.

“Obviously the attention is very flattering.

“It is quite funny and more than a little baffling, to be honest.”


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