We won’t give up on local journalism – and neither should you!

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We, Brighton Journal, are delighted to announce that we are launching a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdfunder.co.uk on the 6th of November 2019. This article will tell you everything you need to know in the lead up the launch, including an invitation to our exclusive launch party.

First of all we would like to start by reminding everyone why we’re all here. We love Brighton. Brighton is a city like no other: a unique, cultural ecosystem of diversity, creativity, charm, and strong political engagement. Brighton Journal are NOT affiliated with any political party, but we are affiliated with the people and happenings of Brighton. We know that by delivering local news to Brighton and Hove, we can help to strengthen and amplify the community voice, engage citizens and encourage autonomy by shedding light on the services, opportunities, and activities our wonderful city has to offer. We are a part of the culture that makes Brighton so distinctive and we want to continue to be this for many years to come. But, high-quality, reliable journalism on a local level is in crisis due to the dominance of social media giants. We might not survive without this campaign.

What is a Crowdfunding Campaign?

It is a campaign where we present our case to you and thousands of other people visiting the Crowdfunder platform and humbly ask for your support in our journalistic and community engaging endeavours. If the philanthropy-induced warm, fuzzy and contented-in-yourself feeling isn’t quite enough to entice you, then we will also be offering rewards for your support, generously provided by various local businesses. More information on this will be available on our page once we launch on the 7th.

Why are we launching a Crowdfunding Campaign?

The aim of our campaign is two fold: firstly, we want to help people of Brighton and Hove learn more about Brighton Journal and the demonstrated importance of independent journalism to the local community. Parallel to this, we hope to raise the funds to invest into our not-for-profit enterprise to maintain and improve the quality of the news we bring to Brighton and Hove.

Where do you fit into all of this?

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Brighton Journal knows that we are nothing without you.  Our readers, our supporters, and the people of Brighton and Hove who maybe are not too familiar with us yet, are the wind in our sails. To show your support in the lead up to and during the campaign you can: spread the word, invite friends to like and follow, share our content, engage with us, ask us questions, and comment your thoughts and opinions on our social media pages. We want to hear from you! It is your voice that we aim to amplify.

We would also like to invite you to our Launch Party! There will be FREE PIZZA from our friends over at Dodo’s pizza and there will be FREE GIN from a boutique gin company. This will be taking place at The Projects, Ship St, on November 7th, at 6-8pm. Tickets are free but require reservation here.

Thanks for your support, from the Brighton Journal Team.

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