What Happened June 22nd? Brighton News Roundup

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So much happened today and it’s all in one place. And yes, it involves trains. 

Jeremy Corbyn has expressed his distaste for Southern Rail Service. He is quoted as calling their behaviour towards conductors “appalling ” and calls for the dispute to be settled once and for all.  This comes of the back of a number of strikes in the last few days and the quality of service the Southern franchise are providing.

Jeremy Corbyn has called all sides to sort the dispute out. Photo via Flickr.

Southern Rail have claimed that normal service to the mainline will resume tomorrow. RMT Union have claimed that the 24 hour strike yesterday will cause disruptions into tomorrow where they hope normal service will resume.

Photo: Anders Sandberg via Flickr
“Normal” service will resume tomorrow. Photo: Anders Sandberg via Flickr

There has been an amber rain warning in Brighton as heavy rain and thunder is expected to hit later this evening.  The impact of the rain is expected to cause delays to the travel services on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Heavy rain is expected later today – photo via Flickr.

The i360 has come under fresh scrutiny after reports claim it will pay less than it originally claimed it would to staff. Fresh controversy over the structure has split opinion of the 1360 which is due to open later this year.


Brighton and Hove Albion’s fixtures for next season were released today.Brighton will be looking to push for the promotion that they so nearly won last season but face tough competition from relegated Villa on the final day. In the first game of the season we play Derby away, and then onto promotion rivals Forest at home in the second week. Find out all the fixtures and more here.

It was heartbreak against Middlesborough but the future is bright for the Albion - Photo: Middlesborough Football Club
Last season it was heartbreak against Middlesborough but the future is bright for the Albion – Photo: Middlesborough Football Club

Sussex Police are working with the ambulance services to track down people who may have potentially been exposed to asbestos poisoning. Those who worked at the scene of the 1984 Brighton Bombing are being urged to have themselves checked after it has emerged that one police officer who worked on the sight sadly passed away due to asbestos related issues. If you are concerned the police are warning that the chances are small, but do contact Jenni Nuttall on 01273 404173. 

The Grand Hotel was the scene of the bombing in 1984. Photo via Mattew Hartley via Flickr 
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