What If You’re Getting Bored With Fashion & Style?

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Too much of a good thing can, sometimes, be a bad thing, or at least a tiresome thing. After all, if you were to eat your favourite meal and dessert every single day of the year, you would beg for something new. 

It’s easy to feel this way about fashion. You might have a favourite coat you love to wear in the winter, but it’s nice to have a second option for certain circumstances. It’s often why when we collect items, like shoes, we tend to appreciate variety.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t appreciate what you have, rather it’s good to change every so often. If you enjoy fashion and style, then you might think you’ve already tried a good deal of brands out there, and may not know how to flip the script in a satisfying manner anymore.

Well, never fear, because expressing yourself through the style you keep can be as endless as you wish it to be, or reorienting your focus is easier than you imagine. In this post, we’ll discuss how to achieve all of that and more:

Try New Accessories

Try a new accessory that helps invigorate your wardrobe! This could be anything, from a new brooch you enjoy wearing on your winter coat or dress, to a tongue piercing that helps you add some flavour to your general sense of style. While accessories rarely make an entire outfit, they can add enough spice to make your old outfits shine. You’d be surprised how wearing very little can actually have a tremendous effect.

Consider New Colour Palettes

It’s also good to consider the colour palettes you usually wear. You might not have realized it, but most people tend to settle for the colours that they feel comfortable in, and that’s no problem at all. If you’re looking to switch up, however, don’t be afraid to switch up! The winter is a good time to do it, as earthen colors can make way for vibrant reds, deep blues, greens, and deep yellows, allowing you to look radiant as if you were dressing in line with the seasons. Try a new colour you might not have worn for a while too, it could be enjoyable to get over some of your prior beliefs and challenge yourself.

Experience New Events

Of course, fashion isn’t a disembodied form of style, it’s something we use to express ourselves in a range of situations. If you feel as though you have nothing to wear, it might just be that you don’t have the right event to wear your wardrobe to. Going for a classy date with your partner or friend, heading to a fun disco or nightclub event, going for lazy winter walks with your thick coat and all of your warming accessories, fashion can be a fun justification to get out there and explore the world in the best possible way.

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With this advice, you’re sure to rejuvenate your sense of fashion and style, no matter how tiresome it’s become.

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