What’s the Most Popular Room for Working From Home?

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Over the past year, people across the UK had to adjust to working from home. Brits had to make do with whatever space they had. Some rooms proved to be more popular than others. No matter which room people chose to work in, it was important they created suitable set-ups for themselves. 

Popular Room 

Personal injury advice solicitors surveyed 1000 people who worked from home during this past year to find out how where they had decided to base themselves. It was revealed that the living room was the most popular spot to work in. Over a third of Brits (36%) opted to work in this room.  Meanwhile, 18% worked from their bedroom, 14% used their dining room, and 10% decided to work in the kitchen. 

Picking a Room 

It begs the question: is there an ideal room in the house to work in? Those with a home office have an obvious answer to this question, however, not everyone has this luxury. In the previously mentioned survey, only 19% of people had access to one. There are some rooms which are better than others, each coming with its pros and cons. For instance, the lounge offers a sofa and comfort but also has lots of distractions. A kitchen or dining table offers lots of surface area, but you’ll be hindered during mealtime.

Improved Environment 

No matter what space you’re working with, there are ways you can create a suitable work from home set up. Your desk, or table, needs to be a suitable height. When you sit up straight, your forearms should be parallel to the ground and your wrists shouldn’t bend up or down when you type or mouse. When it comes to looking at the monitor, your eyes should be 25% – 30% below the top of the screen when you’re sat up straight. This will stop your shoulders from hunching. 

Putting the effort in with your set-up is not just to make yourself comfortable. It’s also to reduce your risk of injuring yourself. There are injuries to be aware of when working from home. This can include eye strain, back pain, and repetitive strain injury. These injuries can impact your body and should be taken seriously. There are steps you can take to help yourself. These include taking breaks from the screen, stretching, and ensuring you have a good posture while you’re working. If you’re concerned with injuries, please express them to your employer, or seek medical help.

You should feel comfortable and productive in your makeshift workspace. Even small adjustments – like a good chair or monitor height – can make a big difference. You need to find what is best for you. Do you have a favourite room to work in at home?


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