Which Supermarket Does Free-From Best?

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If you have a gluten intolerance or a dairy intolerance and want to know which supermarket caters best for you read on!


Asda – Asda is known for it’s cheap prices and variety of food choices. Yet I was still surprised when they had a whole isle dedicated to free from products. They stand out for their choice of bread and pasta in my mind. Very impressed.

Tesco – Tesco does its own free from brand like no other supermarket. They have sauces and baked goods and things which people with gluten and dairy intolerances usually have to make from scratch or avoid having all together. Big thumbs up!

Sainsbury – Sainsbury wins for their snacks, they have an array of dairy free chocolates and protein balls and bars and savoury snacks alike. If you ever need a healthier snack or something gluten/dairy-free go to Sainsbury! They do not disappoint!


Marks and Spencer – Marks and Spencer has an extremely small range of Free-From, although I must commend them for their gluten free chicken strips and nuggets the reason they have been put on the worst list is because although their free from products do not contain gluten or wheat so many of them contain dairy and that means that an already small range is rendered even small for a lot of us with intolerances.

Aldi – There isn’t even a range of Gluten-Free products in the Aldi I visited recently, yes you might say that fruit and vegetables and meat are all gluten free so technically they do have some products I can eat but the basics like bread and pasta were not available and I had to go elsewhere. Saying that they do have some yummy protein brownie bars, but that is about it for us GF lot.

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