Woman hopes Facebook can reunite her with her father 

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Lucy with her goddaughter

A woman is hoping social media can help her complete her ten year search for her missing father. 

Lucy Crowhurst, 25, was born in Brighton but moved with her mother to Manchester when she was 2 years old. 

She is searching for her father, who her mother was involved with for seven months in 1992. Lucy’s parents separated when her mother, Gina Crowhurst, was around two months pregnant, and Lucy has never known her father.

“I found out from my mum when I was very young that my dad was from Whitehawk, but searching for him has been so difficult due to a lack of information about him or his family. The only family member I know of is his brother David”, Lucy told Brighton Journal. 

“I need to find him for my own sake, and for his. He doesn’t know he has a daughter, and I’m also curious if I have brothers or sisters”. 

Lucy has spent the last ten years using search engines to try and find her dad, but has “come to dead ends every time”.  She has now turned to Facebook to help her locate her father, using community groups such as Brighton People to draw attention to her cause. 

Lucy has very little detail about her father. She knows that his first name is Anthony (and that he sometimes went by Tony) and that him and her mother met in 1992 at The Level. Lucy estimates his age is fifty or fifty one, and that he is over six foot tall. 

The search has been complicated by the fact that Anthony went by two surnames, Everton and Cadell. 

“You never know,” said Lucy. “It might be the best thing to happen, or the worst but [at least] I would have some closure in knowing who and where he is.” 

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“Even though I’ve never met him and he doesn’t know about me, somehow I can’t stop feeling like a piece of me is missing”. 


If anyone has any information they think could help Lucy, please email crowhurstlucy@yahoo.com


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