2 Bodies Found at Sussex Fire Site as Murder Investigation Begins

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A raging fire broke out at Eastbourne in East Sussex on Tuesday morning. The terrible incident was reported to have been treated as arson by Sussex Police. It was also revealed that, of the 3 known residents of the household, 2 were still unaccounted for.

Terrible news has been released by Sussex Police. A 26-year-old man is luckily alive but in an induced coma. However, the 2 other residents have been found dead at the scene. They are believed to be a woman aged 34 and her son, who was tragically just four-years-old.

Police have not yet carried out formal identification on the bodies, and cannot yet release details as to their identities. The man is not believed to be the 4-year-old’s father. This horrifying event has struck fear and sorrow in the hearts of the Sussex community.

The fire is being treated as a case of arson. A murder investigation is also now underway. However, because of the destruction caused to the house, this is a slow-moving investigation and patience will be needed.

Detective Chief Inspector Mike Ashcroft, of the Surrey and Sussex Major Crime Team, has spoken of the tragic nature of the events: “This is a dreadful incident and the worst fears have been realised.”

He also gave his condolences to those affected: “Our thoughts are with the victims, their families and the whole community at this time.”

Police are appealing for any information which can help them to speed up their investigations. As of yet, no arrests have been made.

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