Brighton Has A New Community Cafe – And It’s Vegan!

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Longhouse Cafe’s tagline is “Born in Brighton. Created by the Community. Powered By Plants” – an apt motto for Brighton’s newest community coffee spot.

Owned by Chris Evans, the eatery’s 100 per cent plant-based vegan menu includes breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, coffee and cake. Cookies come from Viva Vegan, cakes are bought in from Glazed, and the cheesecake is dairy-free.

So, in a city full of coffeehouses and vegan eateries, what makes Longhouse special? Chris explains: “Everything inside the café has been made by members of the community. Our cups and plates are hand-thrown by a local potter called Mark, our cushions and aprons are made by a local seamstress, our tea is blended independently in Lewes, and our coffee is from Horsham.

“Our way of supporting the community is getting everything made by the community – so we are giving back to our local economy in that respect.”


Photo by @the_hippie_mermaid on Instagram

Chris describes the cosy interior of the cafe as ‘an urban jungle’ – spider plants hang from the ceiling and adorn the shelves. It’s a vibe that customers and staff alike love to hang out in. Chris says: “People love it! Everyone is really getting behind it, which makes it a very warm and friendly environment to be in.”

Pete West, the Mayor of Brighton and Hove, is already a firm fan of the Longhouse. He was down promoting his charity bike ride the day before the Longhouse launch and the café piqued his interest immediately.

He declared the plant-based eatery open about three weeks ago by breaking an organic carrot with Chris – a vegan-tastic alternative to a rope cutting.

“We didn’t have a rope, so I just went and got a rainbow carrot from the fridge,” Chris tells us. “He was down with it! It was pretty funny and made for a great photo.”


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In time, Chris plans to use the cafe as a hub for community events and workshops, including post-AA meetups. The idea is to let people who are in recovery meet up in a social setting free from alcohol and cigarettes.

The cafe also plays host to a sketch contest; once a fortnight, the staff choose a sketch left in the venue’s school desks for the lucky artist to win free coffee and social media promotion.

Contact: The Longhouse Cafe, 16 York Pl, Brighton, BN1 4GU, Tel: Facebook 

Opening hours: 


SAT 9-6

SUN 10-4


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