Brighton Street Fashion! “You See People In The Street & You Just Know They’re Being Themselves.”

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Everyone looks snazzy in Brighton.


Michelle, 20, had just arrived in Brighton on a holiday, from Switzerland, with a friend. Their plan was to stay in Brighton for a couple of days and then go and check out London! Michelle studies architecture  back in Switzerland, at the beginning of a very long course so with a long way a head of her! She got her trousers from Cos and her trendy navy coat is from Selected and she stole her scarf from Dad’s closet!

Michelle’s message to humanity: “Enjoy life and explore more!”


Sabrina, 20, Michelle’s friend, also from Switzerland and visiting Brighton is studying architecture at uni too, which is where the two girls met. Sabrina likes to shop at places like Zara and second hand shops. She bought her lovely fur coat from a market stool!

Sabrina’s message to humanity: “Live in the present.”


Emilie, 19, was just enjoying a little bit of shopping in the north laine after spending the morning at uni. She studies fashion communication, in the first year of four, so at the beginning of a stylish journey! Emilie loves Brighton for how weird it is “but in a good way”. She got her top and skirt from H&M, as gifts and the fleece was bagged at a charity shop! Emilie like’s to do a lot of shopping in places like Zara and charity shops too.

Emilie’s message to humanity: “Life is too short.”


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Lowri, 19, Emilie’s friend, is also studying fashion communication at Brighton uni and loves this town for its quirkiness “It’s so liberal, you can kind of do what ever you want. People’s image is what ever they want it to be, you don’t get judged for it. You can see someone walking down the street and you just know that they’re being themselves and they just don’t care.” Lowri gets her clothes from shops like Urban Outfitters, Monkey, Levis.

Lowri’s message to humanity: “Live life to the fullest. Don’t judge each other. Be happy. Love one another.”


Lily, 18, Brightonian, is currently in the midst of a year out from college but hopes to get back there soon. Lily loves Brighton for all it’s great gigs! Most of her shopping goes on in the lanes, in charity shops “I can’t be bothered to spend like £30 on a top!”

Lily’s message to humanity: “Have a great day!”



Let the magic continue…!

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