Danish Design – The Father and his “sons”

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When it comes furniture the Danes have a long track record in terms of design, and many classical items and trendsetting designers have derived from Denmark. Today we decided to have a little Danish design treat and dream about stylish items we would like to decorate our homes with. Here are our picks today, all created by what is considered a historic generation in terms of modern furniture design. The featured designers are all from the school of Kaare Klint, widely considered the father of Danish modernism.

Finn Juhl, one of Klint’s students, designed this chair. Some of his most  famous pieces include The Chieftain Chair and his 45-Chair (above).  Juhl was the first of the Danish furniture designers to be recognized and appreciated internationally.
Another gorgeous piece by Finn Juhl, the mid 20th-century modernist. To think this man was born early last century is incredible. His design doesn’t seem to go out of fashion.
Arne Jacobsen was also Klint’s student. His signature piece ‘The Egg’ is still a very popular buy and makes a strong statement in every home.
Another classical piece by Arne in which is found in many homes. Meet the most copied chair in the world. Designs like The Eames Chair for example, was inspired by this one.
Another designer who made a real impact on modern design and another of Klint’s students was Børge Mogensen. This sofa is called ”No 1” and was designed in 1955 for Fredericia Furniture.
You might recognise The Shell Chair by Børge. Another classic that has been emulated many times.
This rosewood rocking chair is by Ole Wanscher, and was designed in the 1950s. Wanscher worked with his former tutor Klint from 1924 to 1927, after which he set up his own office specializing in furniture design.


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