Dress, Drink & Party Tarantino Style! Get Ready For Brighton’s First Ever Tarantino Party!


Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, Inglorious Bastards, Django Unchained… Quentin Tarantino is simply a legend and so are his films. To celebrate the works of the iconic American filmmaker, the Brighton Film Party Society is organising its very first Tarantino-themed party event this September.

For the occasion, The Haunt will turn into a fully immersive Tarantino film set, decorated with authentic props from top to bottom. DJs will be playing the soundtracks to the legendary filmmaker’s greatest productions, while the bar will serve special drinks that will help people feel like they have truly entered into the world of Pulp Fiction and co.

Dressing up Tarantino style for the event is strongly encouraged as there will be a prize for the best dressed guest as part of the costume contest. So it might be worth thinking about showing up as Mia Wallace, Django or Daisy Domergue.

Those who can’t come up with an idea for an authentic costume to take home the prize for the best-dressed, can still try their luck winning the Jack Rabbit Slim’s Twist contest, the famous dance competition from Pulp Fiction.

The Brighton Film Party Society has been running fancy dress parties based on cult movies and TV shows such as Twin Peaks or Blade Runner since 2014. The Tarantino Party is the society’s latest creation, and will take place for the first time on September 22nd at The Haunt in Brighton. Tickets are on sale now.

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