Fashion meets Brighton!




This is Olivia (left) with her friend Izzy (right), both are 20 years old and I met them in the North Laine. They’re both from Stroud where they went to school together. Olivia is now living in Brighton studying illustration at the university. Today Izzy is visiting her and getting to know the city. On this sunny day, Olivia is wearing a long breezy dress she got from her favourite shop called “Monki”. Her favourite place in Brighton is the sea, where they where on their way to when I met them.

Olivia’s message to the world: “do what ever makes you happy”.


Victoria, 20 from London is enjoying the sunny day at the beach. Today is her first time in Brighton. Today she’s wearing cozy trousers from Zara, Shoes from Puma, a blouse from Stradivarius and a bag from Michael Korrs – a very stylish mix! She likes shopping in different shops but her favourite one is Zara. She already loves Brighton because of the special atmosphere and lovely people as well as the beach when the sun is shining like today.

Olivia’s message to the world: “Keep smiling”.


This is Jasman, 15 from “somewhere near Portsmouth”. I met her on her way off to the beach with a friend of hers. They’ve done some shopping today and now they’re going to enjoy the sun at the beach. I noticed her because of her cool jacket! She told me that she had bought it in South Africa when she was on vacation there.


I met Naomi at the beach with two of her friends. She’s 24 years old and is studying Fashion Design here in Brighton. In our conversation, I got to know that she loves travelling and her outfit put together from clothes she found in different parts of the world. The skirt she bought on a vacation in Thailand, the top she found in Berlin and the jacket in Texas. But when she isn’t travelling and shopping in other countries, she likes going to Topshop.

Naomi’s worldly advice: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

I’ve met Emma, 38 at Churchill Square in the late afternoon. She is 38 years old and from Essex. She visits Brighton for shopping, such as today. She often buys her clothes in regular shops like the ones in the shopping Mall, but her favourite shop is the Online shop “Killstar”. What she likes most about Brighton is the People. “They are all so lovely!” she said to me.

Her worldly wisdom, which she also has tattooed on her thigh is: “patience is a virtue.”


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