Festive Themed Fitness Regimes

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It’s Christmas, it’s wet, cold and there is so much good food just waiting to be eaten, so it’s easy to avoid keeping up with your regular exercise routine. However, Bjournal have the answer, and we have compiled a short list of Christmas themed regimes that you can do from the comfort of your own home. From movie workouts to a special take on the Twelve Days of Christmas carol, there’s something for every fitness lover (and hater) this year.

The Elf Movie Workout: No doubt you’ll be watching this film more than once this year as Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf puts everyone into the Christmas spirit. However, instead of just watching, why not put your workout gear on and have a fun, festive filled workout? Movie workouts are similar to the movie drinking games, just with squats instead of rum. The rules are simple:

Whenever you hear “Buddy” or “Elf” – Plank for 30 seconds

Each time the Naughty or Nice list is mentioned – 15 Burpees

When Buddy sings – Alternate between 30 seconds of high knees and 30 seconds of jumping jacks for the duration of the song

When Buddy breaks something – 30 squats

When you hear the words, “Christmas Spirit” – 20 push ups

The Grinch telling Cindy-Lou Who how many squats she has to do

The Grinch Movie Workout: Another modern Christmas classic, The Grinch is a family favourite. Put a healthy spin on this year’s family movie time by getting them all in their trainers to play the Grinch work out game with you. The rules:

Whenever you hear “The Grinch” song – 10 push ups

Every time you hear a made up word – 30 jumping jacks

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Every time the Grinch steals something – 5 crunches

Every time you hear the word “who” – 30 high knees

Each time the Grinch flashes his creepy smile – 15 squats

The 12 Days of Christmas Workout: Everyone loves the Christmas song so there is no reason why you won’t love this unique HIIT workout. All you have to do is to do the exercises as you would in the order of the song, and you can do it as many times as you like, because goodness knows you probably have the song in your head for a majority of the month of December. So, on 3…

On the first day of Christmas…1 plank for 1 minute

On the second day of Christmas…2 push-ups

On the third day of Christmas…3 squats

On the fourth day of Christmas…4 leg raises

On the fifth day of Christmas…5 burpees

On the sixth day of Christmas…6 tricep dips

On the seventh day of Christmas…7 jumping jacks

On the eighth day of Christmas…8 tuck jumps

On the ninth day of Christmas…9 running lunges

On the tenth day of Christmas…10 bicep curls

On the eleventh day of Christmas…11 squat to leg lifts

On the twelth day of Christmas…12 mountain climbers

…And a partridge in a pear tree!


Christmas Tree Workout: Putting up the Tree can be a workout in itself, especially if you take the same approach as Buddy the Elf, but why not try this Christmas Tree Workout that starts off easy, then gets that little bit harder. 



So there are just a few festive themed fitness regimes for you to try this year, but don’t forget to warm up and cool down!!

Holly Martin


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