Find Out How You Can Enjoy i360’s First Birthday

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To mark it’s one year Anniversary, riders on the 4th of August can expect; a free cupcake, live music and free child face-painting.

Furthermore, the 2pm fliers will be greeted by Chairman David Marks, Deputy Chair Julia Barfield, and the Executive Director Steve Bax, and will receive free drinks from the Nyetimber Sky Bar.

Over the past year, British Airways i360 has given a free ticket to every child at a state school in Brighton and Hove, a total of 39,000 which facilitated almost 200 school trips. They are continuing this by sending free tickets to children who will be starting reception in the fall.

The i360 is also giving back to the local community, through its £36 million loan repayment it took out to build the landmark. It has repaid £2.6 million back to Brighton and Hove Council so far. £1.8m of this is profit from the repayments and is going to be used for two projects around Brighton. The Madeira Terraces will receive £1.1m to help fund their restoration and the remaining money is going to be put back into the landscaping of the area surrounding the observation tower.

If you are one of the 26,000 resident members, your membership will be extended free of charge. And if you aren’t already and live in a BN1, BN2, BN3 and BN41 postcode you can sign up here for half-price tickets for just £1 a year.

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