Gwyneth Paltrow Launches a Beauty Range With a Conscience

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Not one to shy away from telling us what to eat, what to buy, and how to clean ourselves, Gwyneth Paltrow champions her healthy lifestyle so it’s no surprise that her new make-up range is completely organic, and vegan friendly.

Teaming up with Juice Beauty and their CEO Karen Behnke, Paltrow has debuted a ‘clean beauty’ line, with seventy-eight products in all their shades ranging from an eye shadow to a liquid foundation. The actress and entrepreneur has said “I wear make-up heavily in my work, and now that I’m post-40, I’ve started to wear it more often in my day-to-day life…but once my lifestyle website, Goop, started investigating toxicity in these products…I was stunned. I genuinely thought make-up as safe, but that’s not the case”. Juice Beauty are famous for their environmentally friendly and healthy products, she said “When we were introduced to Juice Beauty, we were amazed at the efficacy of their products, which contain certified organic ingredients and we are thrilled to be partnering with them in both make-up and skin care”.

The eye and lip colours have been developed naturally from the pigments of rose petals, aubergine and pomegranate Karen Behnke told Fashionista “In conventional brands you use artificial dye and you never have to worry it’s going to be the same colour every time…but think about it: Every flower is different. Our chemists have to work so hard with colour charts to get the same colour every time”. Surprisingly, the line is actually very affordable and there’s no doubt you’ll be attracted to this beauty range, regardless of your views on Ms. Paltrow.

Holly Martin

feature image by Jan Welters

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