“Smokers complain about my vape clouds” – inhaling Brighton’s vaping culture


The UK has the third biggest vape market and vaping culture in the world. Public Health England ‘s 2015 report on vaping suggested that vaping could be 95 per cent less harmful than cigarettes. So how do Brighton residents view the current confusion over vaping?  Rosalind Pryer-Vaz, a Brighton mum who vapes, is tired of the current misrepresentation of vaping in the press, stating that  “Vaping is not the problem.  It’s people in the US trying to make the vaping liquids themselves that is the problem.”

Vaping and teenagers

New vape stores are appearing in Brighton & Hove every month, which  includes Vape Brighton in Kemptown who like to advertise their “family run” credentials.  A third of all 16 – 24 year olds have tried vaping, and with manufacturers have been accussed of targeting children under 18 with a range of sweet flavoured vapes such as Slushie.

Some vaping products have been criticised for intentionally appealing to children

Juul – the vape manufacturer that President Trump wants to ban in the US has also been heavily criticised for attracting young people to vaping and are now promoting their “Youth Prevention Initiatives” on their website.


Some Brighton venues allow vaping indoors, since there are no laws around vaping in public. But ideally, Rosalind would like to see separate smoking and vaping areas in pubs and clubs, as they produce two different types of smoke. “I’ve had smokers of cigarettes complain the most about my vape clouds”.

Brighton’s Vaping Community

In 2017, she remembers hanging out in Vape Cloud in Lewes Road, where the vaping community was taking shape:  It shut down due to a change in the law that year restricting the strength of vaping products and now she buys vaping supplies at Red Eye Vape Store in Gardner Street, which has started an online community.

Rosalind is convinced that “vaping cannot produce secondhand smoke like tobacco. It’s not dangerous for anyone other than the person vaping. And the risks of vaping compared to tobacco are insanely different”.

Click here for more UK smoking and vaping statistics.

Featured image by Spencer Davis on Unsplash


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