Yvonne Coomber Opens her Solo Exhibition in ART5 this Weekend

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This weekend the ART5 Gallery will be hosting an incredibly special annual event in which Yvonne Coomber will be showing her solo exhibition. The exhibition, called Paradise, is the perfect introduction to spring and will showcase an exclusive new collection of Coomber’s floral paintings and a brand new collection of designer cushions.

The Devon-based artist has close ties with Brighton as she studied Philosophy and Literature at Brighton University before studying Fine Art in Sussex. Over the last decade she has established herself as a highly collectable artist, her artwork becoming recognisable all over the world. ART5 Gallery said ‘We’re delighted to be hosting an annual solo exhibition of acclaimed artist Yvonne Coomber, after the remarkable successes of her previous solo shows in Sussex with us. Her paintings are increasingly sought-after, and we’re proud to have been the foremost exhibitor of Yvonne’s work in the South for the past decade’

image: ART5 Gallery

Yvonne is deeply influenced by the English countryside and her paintings often explore the Devonshire meadows and ‘captures the chaotic yet harmonious energy within nature, whilst bringing warmth and joy to the canvas. Yvonne beautifully blends various materials to create layer upon layer of tactile texture, adding another dimension to her captivating paintings. The glitter, reminiscent, of early morning dew, the vibrant colours conjuring the kaleidoscopic palette of the countryside, and the delicate scattering of flowers come together organically in her unique artistic vision’

The exhibition is free and will be running form the 9th until the 17th of April.

Holly Martin

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