Black-Out Tattoos Are The Next Big Thing…But They Come With Health Warnings

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Last year everone from models to reality stars were seen with teeny tiny delicate tattoos. They were the perfect way to get inked without it being obvious or intrusive. Now, however, there’s a brand new tattoo trend dominating Instagram and it’s…different.

Chester Lee is a tattoo artist from Singapore and head of Oracle Tattoos and become well-known for his black-out tattoos. Black-out tattoos are solid, black tattoos, designed to cover large areas of the body. Not only are they a great way to cover up unwanted tattoos but they can also contain intricate designs within the shading. It has to be said, the tattoos look amazing and it’s easy to understand why people would be keen on the idea. However, black-out tattoos do come with health risks. Howard Sobel, a dermatologist, told Teen Vogue “there are many ingredients in the pigments used for dark ink – think titanium dioxide, lead, nickel, chromium. Some of them are industrial grade and the same as those used in automobile paint.” This means that large amounts of the ink has the potential to cause allergic reactions, skin rashes, and inflammation of the tissue. Another potential health risk, one that many may not even think about, is that it makes it harder for dermatologists to do a skin cancer screening.

It’s not all bad news though, as Sobel says “Black dye is the easiest to remove with a Q-Switched laser” so if you did want to get rid of it, it wouldn’t be too difficult. Whilst it’s probably not for us, there are some people that would love the idea of a black-out tattoo, just make sure you know the risks first.

Holly Martin

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