Struggling to Breathe in Brighton? Air quality on city streets a cause for concern say voices within local community


Pollution is becoming a problem again in Brighton.

A public event being held at the Brighthelm Centre on Thursday will focus on highlighting concerns and tackling issues surrounding pollution and the poor air quality in certain parts of Brighton and it’s surrounding areas. Particular concern is being given to the rising nitrogen dioxide levels which continue to exceed EU and English standards for a number of roads in Brighton.

Speakers at the event include South East Green MEP Keith Taylor, University of Brighton lecturer Kevin Wyche, Alan Andrews from Client Earth, and Paul Nicholls and Samuel Rouse from Brighton and Hove City Council.

One of the event’s organisers had this to say:

“Poor air quality in the UK is found to reduce life expectancy by up to eight months, costing the NHS up to £20 billion a year. […] The Breathe in Brighton event aims to increase awareness of the air pollution in Brighton and to inform the local community and decision makers of its adverse health and environment effects.”

via: brewbooks (Flickr)
via: brewbooks (Flickr)

But one of the biggest causes of air pollution in urban environments comes as an externality to development, as new homes are being built which carry an increased use of the necessary HGVs, with another coming from emissions caused in the all too common traffic gridlocks that occur daily on many roads in and out of the centre of town.

No doubt the Green Party, a major voice within Brighton and Hove’s politics and policy, will have such issues high on their agenda, but quick action is needed if we are to refrain from a return to past circumstances in which this issue raised it’s head.

For a list of the roads that present the largest cause for concern visit this link.

via: Michael Lehet (flickr)
via: Michael Lehet (flickr)


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