The social influencers of Brighton

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Meet some of Brighton’s top influencers

Jessica out of the closet

Jessica out of the closet, a.k.a Jessica Kellgren-Fozard is a disabled TV presenter, blogger and Youtuber. Jessica takes an interest in vintage fashion, on her Instagram you can see some of the amazing styles she pulls off. This social media star also suffers from M.E (some may know it as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and is deaf, but she doesn’t let it get in the way of her bubbly and warm attitude to life. On her Youtube channel, she discusses a range of topics from LGBTQ issues and disability to education and travel, as well as plenty of livestreams especially with her wife and dogs. Her positivity, intelligence, humour and the awareness and support she spreads makes her such an admirable and worthy influencer.


Zoella and Alfie Deyes


Zoella, also know as Zoe Sugg, is probably one of Brighton’s most well-known influencers. Zoella came to the public eye through her Youtube channel where she vlogs mostly about fashion, beauty, lists of her favourite products and videos following what she does in any given day. Alfie Deyes – formally known on Youtube as PointlessBlog – is also an incredibly influential Youtuber. The couple who have now been together over six years boast around 17 million subscribers/followers together. They both have now released books too, with Zoe Sugg releasing a trilogy of novels and one non-fiction book and Alfie also releasing three of The Pointless Book series and one autobiography.

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Chloe Helen Miles

Chloe Helen Miles has been around on social media scene for a good few years, building up her following substantially over time. Chloe’s Instagram is as aesthetically pleasing as most Instagrammers could hope for, displaying a range of gorgeous outfits in very chic scenes. Whilst collabing with a lot of fashion outlets, she also has co-founded a ‘slow vintage’ shop focusing on sustainable fashion. Not only has she aced Instagram and got her own fashion business, Chloe blogs on her website with a variety of lifestyle, mental health, travel and style posts. What is really inspiring is one page on the website is devoted to helping others with fundraising. If someone out there is doing something to raise money for a good cause, she encourages them to drop her a message and she’ll put on her website for a larger scale of views and hopefully donations.


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Donkey Raja! New Video Link in Description

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Born and raised in Pakistan, Salman Parekh came to Brighton to study and has a wonderfully uplifting ethos to what he hopes to achieve through his social media presence. Through his Youtube channel ‘Maansals’ he aims to make others laugh and smile, turning a persons sad day into a good day. Salman videos a lot of exotic places, transporting us to Bali or the hidden gem that is Balochistan. The channel also covers a lot to do with Salaman’s culture from ‘Types of Pakistani Fathers’ to ‘Spiderman in Pakistan’ all with a light-hearted comedic edge. We also see some of the every day struggles depicted by this down to Earth character, whether it’s Tinder, dealing with customers or sleeping struggles, you are guaranteed to be entertained by Maansals.


Of course, with us being in Brighton, one vegan foodie had to make the cut! Georgia Skye is the woman behind this Instagram blog and Youtube channel which is based around everything vegan. Veganpixie shows us an eclectic range of plant based food, from recipes, meals out or even vegan food abroad. Veganism has become not just a popular dietary choice, but a way of life, and with over 18k followers, it’s clear that there is a lot to be said for it. Georgia sheds the light on delicious eateries including What the Pitta, Beezlebab, Donut Time, Vegan Bowls Barcelona and Purezza, so those following the began lifestyle can find places to eat in Brighton and beyond. Her page is absolutely mouthwatering and is  helping endorse this increasingly popular movement.

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