Thieves by the Code Totally Stoked by their New Material

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Brighton based stoner/fuzz rock band Thieves by the Code are celebrating the completion of their second album with a headlining performance at the Brighton Dome Studio Theatre on Saturday June 18th. The event is promoted by Brighton Dome project SPECTRUM which supports the vibrant music scene of Brighton in partnership with Resident Records.

Thieves By the Code are made up of Alex Sinesi, Stefan Sidoli and Nick Van Vlaenderen. Having been prominent in the Brighton music scene for so long, TBTC have also performed all over Europe as well as building a loyal following in London.

Alex Guitar Camo Hat
Alex the guitarist

Despite only being a three-piece, Thieves By The Code have gritty guitar hooks and big choruses. When they take to the stage later this month they will be playing a host of songs both old and new. Their music is a combination of 60s psychedelia and as well as Motown and blues, cultivating in heavy and catchy rock – they are a unique band with a style not really comparable to anyone else out there. Their debut LP was released in 2014, and the follow up album is as yet untitled but is promised to bring their unique style to the next level.

Thieves By The Code are busy rehearsing and applying last minute touches to the follow up to their debut album Tales From The Green Muse, but they found time to answer some of our questions ahead of their first Brighton show this year.

How long have you guys been a band now? Four years but it feels like it was only yesterday. If yesterday was four years ago.

What does it feel like to have your second album all wrapped up and ready to go? Well we’re all really excited as the album sounds really good. However it’s not quite wrapped up yet,

Does touring ever get the better of you?  No, we get on really well with each other so being on tour is always a lot of fun! We’re still applying the finishing touches. We don’t have a release date yet but we’re hoping it will come out later this summer. We will be showcasing the new songs at the Dome gig tho!

Stef Bass Pout Colour
Stefan the bass player

What Makes Brighton such a good place to make music? We can’t quite explain why but they’re always seems to be a creative buzz in the air.

If you had to describe your music to someone in one sentence, what would it be? Nervous music.

Do you think that there is enough of a platform to get alternative bands into the spotlight? I guess we’ll see when this album comes out!

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What advice would you give bands who are just starting out? Believe in what you do regardless of what anyone else says. Oh yeah and go vote so we can stay in EU.

What is next for Thieves by the Code?  The very next thing is to finish the album. After that we’ve already got some gigs lined up, London in July, Germany and Spain in September and also we’re playing a festival in Berlin in October. The main focus will be promotion of the album and booking more dates. We are also hoping to sign with a record company.

What can we expect from your upcoming show at the Dome? We’re totally stoked to be playing the new material for the first time at such a great venue. You should expect some loud, sweaty, filthy, erotically charged rock n roll but most of all a lot of fun. We’re also really looking forward to watching Penelope Isles and Sons as they’re both great bands. It’s going to a great night

Thanks a lot guys.

Thieves By The Code play at the Brighton Dome on Saturday the 18th June with support coming from Sons and Penelope Isles.

Tickets available here:

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