Humans of Brighton – Abi the Student

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We met Abi last Friday as she was making her way to meet a friend for a coffee in the Lanes. She was happy to stop and have a quick chat about her day, and how she got to Brighton.

Hi Abi, Where are you from? Swansea…That’s in Wales.

Why are you in Brighton then? I came here to for university, I study International Development at the University of Sussex.

So how long have you been in Brighton now? Almost three years.

What made you choose Brighton? Firstly, I wanted to carry on living by the sea after living in Swansea for so long – that was the main reason for picking Brighton! Also, the university is so good for my course – number 2 in the world I think!

What is your favourite thing about living here? It’s impossible to get bored in Brighton, you never really run out of thing to do I guess.

How do you describe Brighton to your friends back home? When it’s sunny, being in Brighton is like being on holiday, and even when it’s raining it is still fab. Also, when you’re in Swansea, you have to search for things to do but here, you can just pick from so many things!

What do you do when you’re not at university? I work around three jobs, as a babysitter, a customer service assistant and a job in admin. I’m trying to save up money to go on holiday, or to a festival. This weekend I’m going to Wildlife and I can’t wait.

What is the one thing you’d recommend for people in Brighton to do if they get the chance? Go for run on the seafront, there is so much to see and the sea air helps to clear your head. Plus, you’ll encounter lots of interesting and diverse characters!

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