Top Tips For Matched Bettors USA

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Within sports betting, savvy bettors are constantly on the lookout for strategies to help provide themselves with better odds. Matched betting has emerged as a popular and profitable method for players seeking to capitalize on bookmakers’ promotions and bonuses. While matched betting has been widely practiced in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world, its popularity is steadily growing in the United States as well. 


For those new to the concept, matched betting involves strategically placing bets on both outcomes of a sporting event to guarantee a profit, leveraging the free bets and promotions offered by bookmakers. While it may sound too good to be true, matched betting is a legitimate and effective way for individuals to make small profits regularly when performed correctly. 

Furthermore, those new to this method may not know how to go about matched betting effectively and in a manner which allows them to create a steady stream of profits. We have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with some tips to help you match bets more effectively so that you can engage in an enjoyable pastime for yourself. 

Understand the Basics –

Understanding the basics of matched betting is essential for anyone who wants to partake in this form of sports betting and for obvious reasons. You need to understand how qualifying bets work, back bets, lay bets, betting exchanges, and more just to place your first bet. 

Going into matched betting without understanding exactly what it is, how it works, and more is setting yourself up for failure. You can learn how to place your first bet using matched betting tools or by simply doing some light research. Matched betting is daunting for many due to its somewhat steep initial learning curve. There is a lot of information to take in early, but once you understand it, you have the tools to match bets essentially forever. 

Educate Yourself – 

As an extension of the previous tip, we believe once you understand the basics, you should look to educate yourself further on the activity. This involves learning about the different types of bonus offers, including reload offers, sign-up bonuses, and more. 

Understanding the more advanced aspects of matched betting can be very helpful to those who have learned the basics but are wanting to develop a wider knowledge of the form of betting. By doing so, you can find more unique opportunities within matched betting and develop more advanced strategies. 

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Finding a reliable bookmaker is crucial in ensuring your matched betting sessions are done safely and securely. We also recommend signing up to multiple bookmakers as then you can take advantage of more promotions more regularly, such as sign-up bonuses. 

In addition to this, you will also need to sign up for multiple reliable betting exchanges. Having multiple betting exchanges is not necessary for free bets, but instead, it can be useful as it will allow you to compare lay bet odds. 

Utilize Matched Betting Tools – 

Matched betting software, such as ProfitDuel, can be a very valuable tool. They can contain a myriad of useful tools all designed to help streamline the matched betting process and allow you to place more bets more efficiently. 

In terms of matched betting tools available, there are tutorials which can help you learn the basics, as previously mentioned, odds calendars, which allow you to view upcoming promotions from an array of bookmakers; odds calculators, which help you work out your expected losses or profits, and odd matchers, which can provide you with suitable odds to complete a matched bet in seconds. 

All of these tools can help limit human error and help you place more bets in less time. By doing so, you can maximize the potential of matched betting and even provide yourself with a supplemental income if done correctly. 

Keep Records – 

Keeping a record of the bets you place and the profits you receive can be very beneficial in the long term as it will allow you to keep track of your funds. You could create a spreadsheet of your bets, with the stakes and profits included, or you could use classic pen and paper if you prefer.

Many matched bettors also open a separate bank account as it allows you to much easier track your bets. Having a second account also stops you from constantly depositing and withdrawing from your main account and potentially making a mistake when it comes to your personal finances. 

Be Cautious –

It is important to remain vigilant when matched betting and not to get ahead of yourself when placing bets. Double-checking your bets and the odds is crucial every time you intend to place a bet. The only way matched betting can really go wrong is through human error and not being cautious enough when placing bets. Remember to always double-check your bets; this can save you losses in the long term, no matter how confident you are in your abilities. 


Many people begin matched betting and then encounter many of their first betting wins. After experiencing a few of these, some people then turn to placing regular bets. This is because many people think that they can replicate the same success without needing to match bets. 

However, it is important to remember that matched betting is a mathematical strategy. Any rewards made from matched betting are because of the efficient system, not because of your luck. By sticking with matched betting, you can consistently make small profits throughout the year, while regular betting has a much higher chance of making losses. 

These have been some top tips for those looking to place matched bets in the USA. We hope these tips are useful in helping you maximize your experiences when matched betting.

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