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Brighton Journal | 31st May 2020

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Winter Is Coming! – Groovy Coats To The Rescue!

Winter Is Coming! – Groovy Coats To The Rescue!
Hannah Midgley
  • On 23rd November 2016

Wondering what magical pieces of fabric people in Brighton are rapping up in this winter?


“Brighton outfit!” Natalie, has a little market store selling CBD oils and organics in Kensington gardens in the North Laine. She got her coat for £10 from a fellow market trader in Kensington gardens and her woollen shawl is from the store next to hers, imported from India. And on her feet are “standard Reebox classics metallic, good vibes”. Natalie said that she likes to dress cheerfully and wear “cheerful colours and just not lose all hope in the world, gone and wore a bright scarf today, red to say.. Fuck Trump.” Hahahaha Thank you Natalie!


Aniya, is from Berlin! She got her classy black coat from Designer Outlet for about 100€ and her cosy big woollen scarf is a Monkey brand from H&M  that she bought at about 20€ all in Germany!


Christine, also from Berlin, ordered her elegant winter coat from ASOS, she had a guess at the price and came to the conclusion that it would have been approximately 70€! She’s also wearing a gorgeous patterned Cox scarf that cost about €30!


Christine had arrived in Brighton just that day to visit her boyfriend Lukas (on the left) who works as a boat builder, making small wooden boats. She’d brought along two friends, Aniya and Hannah (on the right) and the girls were roaming the streets discovering Brighton for the first time! “It’s SO sweet! You have a lot of hipsters and a lot of nice café’s!” “It”s a very colourful city!”


Julia, 30, is originally from Italy, around Milan! She moved to Brighton two years ago when her husbands job moved them over to the UK. Julia loves Brighton, the shops, the people, everything! Her gorgeous electric blue coat is something she picked up for about 35€ whilst in a small city close to Milan. Julia’s message is to “Be yourself!”


Charlie, 18, moved to Brighton from Bath about 7 weeks ago to start her course at Brighton University, studying chemistry! “I love Brighton, The lanes! I like the clubbing, it’s a lot better than Bath!” Charlie’s coat is a Betty Jackson nicked out of mum’s wonderful wardrobe! She’s also wearing a colourful New Look scarf, a treasured christmas present from last year. Charlie’s message (as so many have agreed) is “stay warm!”


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