Ben & Jerry’s Launch Vegan Flavours

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Vegans rejoice! Finally, Ben and Jerry’s have launched vegan ice cream! In June last year, Co-founder Jerry Greenfield told the Metro that his team were working on dairy-free ice cream, and now, here it is.

There are four flavours to choose from and they sound amazing. Two of them are classics, Chunky Monkey and Chocolate Fudge Brownie but they have also launched two new flavours exclusively for their dairy-free range. PB & Cookies and Coffee Caramel Fudge are the two new flavours of the ice cream, PB & Cookies is a mix of vanilla with chocolate sandwich cookies and crunchy peanut butter swirls and Coffee Caramel Fudge contains fudge chunks and a rich swirl of caramel. So, what are they made from? Technically, they aren’t ice creams, they are in fact frozen desserts and are made out of almond milk as well as other certified vegan ingredients. They are also Fairtrade, which is a plus.

The only catch is that they aren’t yet available in the UK, but that won’t be the case for much longer as they are planning to bring the Vegan friendly frozen desserts to the UK. Yay!

Holly Martin

all images belong to Ben & Jerry’s


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