Fabula Narrative Art Collective Fun Day


Fabula has a unique and colourful desire to tell stories through illustrations, moving images, objects and text. They vary in stage exhibitions, workshops, readings and performances.

Fabula Collective are a multi disciplinary collective which began from the MA sequential Design/ Illustration and MA arts and design run by independent project courses at University of Brighton. Since their exhibition in December they have had high positive research, including endorsement of Children’s Laureate, Chris Riddell who handmade a poster for the show (officially made by Hove Museum)

The Story Cabinet is a piece of work that is a collaboration between seven of them. They are currently working on a response to the publics contributions that they put in a ‘wish box’ that has been located near to The Story Cabinet. People have wished for all sorts of things!

Private view, story cabinet
Story Cabinet (Private View)
private viewstorycab
The Story Cabinet (Private View)
Forest with Lighting, story cabinet, brighton journal72dpi copy
The Story Cabinet

‘We really want to connect with our audience. We’re excited by the idea of the public responding to our show and joining in! We hope lots of people will come to see this lovely museum too and that when they draw the exhibits it will make their visit extra memorable – not to mention the chance to be in two exhibitions and a prize draw!’ 

They would like to welcome children to join them at Hove Museum for their Fabula Fun Day, Saturday 29th April. The event will be running from 12:00 – 4:30pm.

Throughout April they will also be running a drop in, of which you can draw your own pictures and display them in frames designed by Fabula artists. Your pictures will then be displayed on the Instagram gallery. Drop in to the fun day and see your drawings exhibited in the museum. There are many fun activities to embrace upon, take part in the treasure trail, prize draw and an arty-crafty workshop. You will also be able to handle museum objects for them with sticky fingers.Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 15.29.16Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 15.29.31

Fabula believes that drawings and objects are a way of expressing and a way of memorabilia. They would like to create stories from your own drawings you design, you don’t even have to be good at it – this is for everyone of all ages!  During the opening hours they ask for you to find an object in the museum and draw it to your own content.

Childs artwork from Fabula workshop
Childs artwork from Fabula workshop
Louisa Wisharts book
Louise Wisharts book
Jo Lawes the magic flute
Jo Lawes the magic flute

So join the fun, get inspired and most of all get creative.



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