Humans of Brighton – Meet Mark The TV Producer

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It’s Sunday, which means Humans of Brighton! As usual, we headed out into town to have a chat with another of the city’s wonderful and unique people – this week we met Mark, who works in Brighton as a TV producer.


Hi Mark – tell us about your job in Brighton as a TV producer?


So I’m currently working on a documentary, which looks at major cities around Europe. We’re actually looking at London at the moment, but we’re based in Brighton.



What’s your favourite thing about Brighton?


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Being able to get to the beach so easily. London definitely doesn’t have that!


And you’re least favourite thing?


The seagulls, without a doubt. I feel as though I’m going to get attacked by one every time I turn around a corner.


And finally – we know you work in Brighton, but would ever consider a move down here?


Definitely! I’d definitely move here if I ever got the chance, it’s just financial constraints at the moment means it’s a bit tricky. I own a flat in London currently, so that makes it tricky to just move away.

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