Intense Rain and Thunder May Be About to End Brighton’s Dry Spell

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The British attitude towards weather is a rather amusing one. We bemoan the seemingly incessant rain, but when it’s replaced by sunshine we then complain about being too hot. The weather gods truly can’t win.

This period of intense heat is, however, potentially to be disrupted this Friday, with the rain we British residents know so well due for a timely return.

As with any good period of weather, it must make way eventually for something a little less pleasant. With the sheer intensity of the heat, there has been a mass build-up in humidity, with a storm now foreshadowed in the coming days due to this.

While the sun will continue to shine today and tomorrow, the Met Office has issued a yellow warning for Friday between 14:00-23: 59 pm. While not the Met Office’s most severe warning, there is the outside chance of flooding. The heat will still be around, promising to stay at around 24c, but there is the chance of a huge downpour.

June was the driest in Sussex since 1921, recording just 5% of the expected levels of rainfall for the month. July has followed suit, with no sight of any rain this month. There have even been warnings issued – although not with any great gravity – about the overuse of water.

Maybe a spell of fairly unpleasant weather would be a welcome sight given the length of its absence.

For those who are, however, loving the sun, get out and enjoy the calm before the possibly impending storm!

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