Locals Outraged in Sussex Pier Ownership Dispute

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A mass protest is to be held to keep the pier in local control.

Hastings Pier is currently under community ownership.

However, rumours have recently surfaced which suggest that it will fall into private hands.

It will allegedly be sold to the current owner of Eastbourne’s Pier.

Sheikh Abid Gulzar, a local businessman, is set to take ownership of the structure as soon as this week.

Hastings Pier Charity were running the site, but slipped into administration in last November.

The structure burnt down in a fire in 2010, but was successfully rebuilt due to Heritage Lottery Funding.

It only reopened in April 2016 to the public.

Hastings Pier following the 2010 fire

A target of £500,000 was set in order to keep the Grade II listed structure in the hands of the community.

However, they fell just short at £430,000.

They are adamant though that they would soon reach this target given more time.

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A large protest will be held by locals, as they seek to fend off private buyers.

Dan Matthews, the organiser of the protest, has said that they were “poised and ready to put an amazing offer on the table.”

He demands that they are at least given a chance at retaining control: “It will be a travesty if that’s not properly reviewed and considered.”

While no official confirmation has been given, the BBC have alleged that a business has been opened under Gulzar’s name called ‘Hastings Pier Limited’.

The administrators of the site are refusing to confirm or deny the rumours.

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