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Brighton Journal | 25th May 2020

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Street Fashion – Bonjour Beauties Of Brighton!

Street Fashion – Bonjour Beauties Of Brighton!
Hannah Midgley
  • On 19th December 2016

It’s colourful. It’s quirky. It’s god damn LIBERATING! Without further or do, I present to you, my lovelies, more fabulous street looks I came across in Brighton. ENJOY!


Connie, 23,  moved over to Brighton from Lemington 5/6 weeks ago and is loving it! She works for Red 7 “a hen and stag company”. Connie is so happy to be living by the sea! Her snazzy outfit is a combination of items purchased from a Newlook sale! Connie’s message is “Be happy with what you’ve got”.


Joe, 24, is originally from London but moved down to Brighton in October and is currently working at Red 7 like Connie! He’s really enjoying Brighton, specifically the social life we have here and being next to the sea “GOOD VIBES!” Joe got his £25 Carhartt jacket from a charity shop, his jeans from Topman and his shoes are Levi.

Joe was recovering from his work party night of madness at Revolution and so declared himself too hungover to have a message! Hahahaha


Jess, 21 (on the left) and Sarah, 21 (on the right) were enjoying a lovely bite to eat at the White Rabbit, when I interrupted them to get a couple shots. Jess goes to uni, studying art here in Brighton and her friend Sarah, whose also an art student but in Falmouth was over visiting and is very much enjoying her stay! Jess: “Brighton is so unique. I love it. I don’t think I’m going to move away!”

Jess nicked her coat from a housemate (which they very coincidentally happened to be already conversing about when I approached them). Her pinafore was something left by a friend at her house (lucky her). She’s also wearing a little cardigan from Boohoo! “I’m quite a thrifty fan.” And her message is “Eat at Iydea! It’s so good!”

Sarah stole (there’s a theme here) her jacket and her jeans from her Dad “from a million years ago”. And her top’s from Forever 21!


Natasha, 19, originally from Eastbourne, studies illustration, doing her art and design diploma at city college. She’s wearing Kickers shoes with odd laces “I didn’t have a lace in one shoe and my friend was using a shoe lace as his belt, which was like a skater trend at one point and so he gave it to me haha”. Natasha is also wearing fish-net stockings under her Beyond Retro bought jeans! Her real leather jacket was also from Beyond Retro!

“Merry Christmas!”


Lola, 19 is a Brightonian home for Christmas from uni at Central Saint Martins where she studies textile design.  “It’s really nice to be back!” She’s wearing her sister’s coat “and pretty much everything else is from charity shops!” Accept her H&M shoes and classic fish-nets! Lola dyed her hair bright blue 6 months ago, this colour is just the faded version of that. I think it looks snazzy!

“Dye your hair a crazy colour. Anyone who thinks about doing it should just do it. It’s the best thing I ever did! It’s so much fun!”


Let the magic continueee…!

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