What’s The Destiny For Brighton’s Snowcats?


They have been playing hide and seek throughout May with cat lovers and all those who were up for the challenge to find all of them. Almost fifty real-size snowcat figures peeping out of windows all over Hanover.

As May has come to an end, so has the snowcat trail. Most of the amazing cat figures who have been lovingly designed and painted by local artists have temporarily found shelter in art galleries all over Brighton.

Other than Art5Gallery, Open Studios and Naked Eye, Laughing Dog Brighton is hosting the largest number of snowcats, with eleven little cat friends having arrived there during the weekend.

Photo via Art5 Gallery Facebook.
Photo via Art5 Gallery Facebook.

However, their residence in these art galleries is only temporary. From the 18th of June, all the snowcats will be brought together for a final auction where they will hopefully find a new home.

The auction will take place on the 20th of June at The Dover Castle Pub. It will be hosted by no other than Channel 4 Gogglebox Star Chris Steed. From 6:30 pm, you can bid for your favorite snowcat to take it home with you. All benefits will go to Lost Cats Brighton.

Other than the actual auction, there will be a feline-themed pub quiz, a raffle and a display of all the snowcats together so that you can find out which ones you missed when searching for them all over Hanover.

Submit your maximum pre-bids for the auction to Lucy on moggymeowscatsitting@yahoo.co.uk. For more information and pictures of all the snowcats, see here.



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